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About Us

Here is a little introduction about myself and how I became involved with the Dog World.

My name is Coralie, my love of dogs started very young. Our family always owned many dogs, Poodles of all sizes, hunting dogs and herding dogs just to name a few. In my teenage years I was involved in obedience and agility. In my adult years I became more involved in dog training, dog grooming, and dog psychology.

My aim in creating GRANDESPRIT Kennels is to continue to bring into this world a dog that is versatile, adaptable, happy, healthy, eager to learn, and that will conforms to the breed standard. 

Whether it is the best friend of a child, the cuddly couch potatoe,  the grooming partner, the partner in crime of the involved agility handler or the pride of its owner in the confromation ring our dogs can fulfill these tasks but most of all they look forward to being part of your family.

Our dogs are an integral part of our family, they join us on the couch for cuddles and sleep on their comfortable cushions. We bring challenges and activities to their days to keep them mentally and physically active and they are weekend show dogs. 

I am lucky to share this passion with my husband John and my daughter Audrey, whithout their love and support this Kennel just wouldn't be.

Thank you for visiting our page, I look forward to sharing my passion and love of this breed with you.